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Tiny Bed


I’ve now got four raised beds in the polytunnel. There are the two 2m x 0.6m ones I put in not long after we put the cover on (now full of a jungle of tomato plants). A week or so ago, I put in another of the same dimensions on the other side, which I’m letting settle before I start planting up. Finally, today, I put in a much smaller one at the far end, bridging between the two sides. It is about 30cm deep and however wide the gap is between the two side beds (the boards were cut to fit rather than by measurement).

I used the best wood from the pack of gravel boards I bought on the first two, so the later ones were more frustrating. For the final one, I didn’t bother with anything fancy like the mitred corner joints on the others. Simple butt joints will suffice, particularly since it wedges between the side beds.

The small bed is also planted up – two dill plants, three korean mint and a bit of blue clary for decoration and pollinators.

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