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Non-non-stick please!


At the course I attended this afternoon, on creating online surveys, we were reminded that questions with negatives and double-negatives are harder to comprehend than ones that use less convoluted phrasing. However, I still wish I could find an affordable non-non-stick frying pan.

On the way home, I popped into Boswells, the local emporium of diverse goods, including a well-stocked cookery section downstairs, hunting for a pancake pan. I have a couple of excellent cast-iron frying pans but both have steep sides; the smaller has a griddled base and the larger is far too heavy to entertain any idea of wrist-flipping manoeuvres. I used to have an ideal skillet but eventually the handle gave out.

I don’t want a non-stick solution as I’m not entirely c0nvinced that the non-stick magic always works, I don’t like the thought of it eventually flaking off in my food and my favourite fish-slice is made from metal and thus not non-stick friendly. It looks like I don’t have many options though unless I am willing to fork out for a super-premium pan; all the affordable ones are coated.

So, one of my next culinary experiments (before next week’s Shrove Tuesday) will be to see if I can make pancakes in my trusty non-stick wok.


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