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When I last mentioned Artweeks, I noted that I had provided some live music as background ambience and also that I had some recordings. Here is one of the pieces I came up with on Saturday afternoon:

Nefertiti-ish by basswulf

It is based on the first four bars of Nefertiti by Wayne Shorter, from which I have taken the chords (Abmaj7b5, Dbsus, G-7b5, G7b5b9 – definitely jazz chords!) and the essence of the melody. Partly due to limitations on my DL-4 looper and mainly due to choice, I meditated round that short excerpt, gradually building layer after layer for a rather haunting result.

The whole piece is about 7 minutes long and voiced with electric upright bass and electric guitar. What you don’t hear is the ten minutes or so I chopped out, paring down the recording so that it didn’t wait too long before moving from section to section — if you listen very closely, you might even spot a couple of points where I skipped intermediate sections and two or more new layers appear at once.

I am pleased with the final piece. I should make time to redo it in a studio setting so that I can avoid things like the clicks of turning the looper on and off, the background noises from the church and a few duff notes or dubiously time phrases. On the other hand, perhaps the imperfections are part of the character of the piece?

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