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Rooms by James Rubart


Rooms by James Rubart

7 May, 2010 by Wulf Forrester-Barker
Book Review

Rating: 3 / 5

Book cover

In Rooms, Micah Taylor feels safe as a rich and successful star of the software world but finds himself caught off guard by a letter informing him that he has a luxury house built for him at the request of a deceased and distant relative near the site of a family tragedy. Part of him doesn’t want to go but, of course, he can’t resist.

Mysteriously, the house seems perfectly designed to suit him. That is not the only thing beyond his expectations though. He starts to discover new rooms appearing. Along with the new friends he makes at Cannon Beach and a series of letters from his Great-Uncle Archie, he begins to rediscover his relationship with God. However, as his new life develops, he discovers that it is not only his future but his past that is changing.

The book makes no attempt to be believable; instead it walks the path of allegory to stir belief. Is it successful? It certainly manages to be readable and thought provoking as long as disbelief can be suspended in the idea that past as well as future are mutable from a human frame of reference.


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