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In the spirit of Monday’s post, I’ve been trying to get some practise done every day this week. As far as playing went today, I got no further than working round the first four bars of Wayne Shorter’s tune Nefertiti (as presented in The New Real Book (vol 1)): Abmaj7(b5) Dbsus G-7(b5) C7(b5 b9).

Then Jane arrived and it was time to put the bass down, help her unload another load of boxes from the car and get on with dinner. However, I decided to look up Nefertiti on Spotify, which was rewarded with 14 different versions (over 2 hours of music if I’d listened to all of them).

That reminded me of a post I made a couple of years ago about using YouTube as a source for hearing tracks. Spotify gives me the same scope but without the grainy video and with excellent sound quality – that’s a win for 2009 over 2007.

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