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Google Search: how many inspector wexford stories has rendell written


I keep track of visits to my blog using MyBlogLog. Every now and then I check to see what has brought people to my site, what they have looked at and where they have gone. This post is dedicated to on of my visitors on Tuesday, who consulted Google to find out “how many inspector wexford stories has rendell written”.

Sadly, I don’t think my site – which sings the praises of Ruth Rendell’s Inspector Wexford mysteries as part of my ongoing reading list project – would have been much help. However, I recently discovered that LibraryThing gives a clear answer and, furthermore, lays all the individual books and associated omnibus editions out in order on its page dedicated to Inspector Wexford Mysteries.

I spotted this feature while adding a Daziel and Pascoe mystery by Reginald Hill and have been inspired by it to go back and reread several of the police novels I last read before I started using LibraryThing to keep track of my reading (including Simisola, which features Reg Wexford). If my mystery visitor returns, I hope this clue will set them on the scent of enjoyable further reading.

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