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Allotments or Olympics?


Allotments – patches of land that allow those with limited gardens to grow more plants – are a brilliant idea. They get people outside, playing more of a role in producing their own food and creating another microcosm in which a sense of community can be fostered.

Taking that point of view along with my general indifference to “sport as entertainment”, you can imagine that I am less than happy about the case Melanie has highlighted on her blog: in order to build a temporary foot path as part of preparations for the 2012 Olympics, the government is planning to demolish a long established set of allotments.

However, more can be done than grumble. She also provides a link to an official government petition site where it is possible to add your name to the request: “We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Incorporate rather than demolish Manor Garden Allotments within the 2012 Olympic site.”. It is free and easy – you just need a valid email address to confirm your entry on the petition.

Even if you were keenly looking forward to the 2012 Olympics, it would be hard to justify a policy of destruction rather than co-operation in preparing for it so, British citizens, please take a few minutes to support the petition.

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