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Time presses on and I have not yet started to blog about my recent pilgrimage down el Camino de Santiago except to mention my continuing progress in publishing my pictures from the trip. At the current rate of publication, I may have that finished by sometime early next week (I’m still ahead of Magnus but, as you can see from the photograph I’ve borrowed, he has some fantastic pictures in his set) but I feel that the time has come to start preparing to write about my experiences as well as painting them in the light of digital photography.

Last year, I wrote a retrospective diary, tracing the events of each day and drawing out certain incidents that I found particularly striking. This year, I propose to pick out seven incidents (one for every day of the walk, although not necessarily limiting myself to just one incident from each day) that illustrate my camino experience. I’ll begin that series shortly; today I want to give the outline of our journey:

  1. 21 July: An early start to catch an early flight to Santiago de Compostela; exploring the city; enjoying the hospitality of Hostal Girasol
  2. 22 July: Bus from Santiago to Piedrafita; climbing the hill to O’Cebreiro (and finding walking sticks); meeting the team
  3. 23 July: O’Cebreiro to Triacastela; pilgrim mass
  4. 24 July: Triacastela to Sarria (short notice change of destination from Barbadelo); using maps; time shared with another group; sleeping in the sports hall
  5. 25 July: Sarria to Portomar

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