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I have been continuing to mull over making my website more Palm-friendly. Trying to use a web-based email client while I was in Spain (before I figured out the correct settings for the Versamail program) reminded me of how awkward it can be to get around when a design assumes a width of more than 480px.

I don’t think I’ve quite perfected it but I’ve adjusted my layout to remove the side navigation column. I’ve left buttons for the four main sections at the top and put a link to skip down the page for navigating within each section. It works fairly well on the Palm, certainly much better than it did before, and I’m also content with the appearance in the various browsers I’ve tested (Firefox 1.5, IE6 and, thanks to Safaritest, Safari for Mac).

The end result is that I’m back with a single column layout after hours in the past spent trying to achieve a CSS-based two column display! Plus ça change…

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