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Publishing in Advance


If you’re following this with a newsreader, you may have noticed some glitches last night and this morning as I’ve been playing around with the idea of publishing in advance. That is done by posting the files but setting their date and time to a suitable point in the future; the blog engine (Blosxom) won’t show files marked with a future date and so they will be invisible until needed.

Unfortunately, I can’t directly manipulate the date of files on the webserver so last night I wrote a script to take care of that. This morning, I realised that, for some reason, using midnight as the time made the postings appear a day early: that is not what I wanted and also threw out the “permanent links” for several previous enties.

I’ve done a bit more tinkering and, setting the timestamp for later in the day, it seems to be fixed. Debugging… such a fun way to start the day!

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