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Our church (Hither Green Baptist Church) is presently going through a pastoral vacancy – our minister has moved on and we’re in the process of finding a new one. This takes some time and it could well be a year or two before it is settled.

That creates a lot more work for people in the church, particularly for myself and the other elder. It is not a bad thing though as it gives plenty of opportunities to grow and develop. One thing I have had a chance to do more recently is preach in the church; again, a lot of hard work but also very stimulating (for me and, hopefully, for others).

We are also experimenting with digital recordings of the sermons and an archive of recent messages is now available. That includes me reflecting on my pilgrimage down the Camino de Santiago last year and yesterday’s one on spiritual gifts (both files are about 47MB in size and last for about 50 minutes apiece).

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