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The week after Easter tends to be very quiet at church so I took advantage of that to pop into church and do a few bits of tidying up that were well overdue.

In the hall, I undid the screws that held the sound cabinet to the wall, which allowed me to get access round the back and give it all a good clean (sorry spiders but it needed to be done!). I did a bit of rationalisation on the way things are plugged in and removed a ‘feedback destroyer’ that wasn’t properly plugged in. It does sometimes get switched on but it wasn’t set up to actually make any difference to the overall sound so, if it wasn’t doing anything, best to put it aside and leave a bit more room for the things we do use. I did have plans to swap the hi-fi amp for a proper power amp but the latter turns out to have very noisy fans so we are basically running at business as usual but with a lot less dust!

I also took the chance to pull out a couple of items from the sound rack in the main church: a DVD player (only used for audio CDs and a sound recorder). Both of those have had their functions replaced by the digital mixer. If we absolutely needed play an audio CD, we can always run that from the data computer which is plumbed in. Again, that gives more space for the things we do use.

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