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Back from the Guitar Doctor


I got my Sei bass back from Leicestershire Luthiers this morning. It wasn’t particularly cheap (over 3/4 of the price of the Squier bass I bought a couple of years ago) but fixed some ongoing issues that would have stretched or exceeded my skills and, even with the old strings on, sounds brand new again. I think the chance for a thorough tune up has been worth it and I look forward to getting it back into use.

I did get the new strings in over the weekend so I’ll get those fitted in a bit. I’ll wait a few days though and let the freshness I’m enjoying now wear off.

The main change, apart from some essential maintenance, was changing the battery cover to use magnets rather than two tiny screws to hold it in place. The battery now sits on a little bit of blu-tack rather than foam so it shouldn’t pop out under its own weight. I might need to add a little bit of fabric sticking out as, despite a little hollow, my fingernails are often too short too easily get into it. However, this may encourage me to start making use of the active mode a bit more often again; one of the reasons I’ve been put off is that I have a morbid fear of the battery dying mid-set and being left fiddling around with a screwdriver trying to swap it out!

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