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To the Guitar Doctor


Don’t worry – nothing life-threatening to report. However, for a year or more now, I’ve been aware that wear on the zero fret of my six string Sei bass was causing the thinnest string to buzz. I’ve been taming it with a strip of fabric tied tightly round the top of the neck but I think this instrument is well overdue for the attentions of a professional luthier.

This morning I’ve dropped it off at Leicestershire Luthiers, who are based just up the road from me in Hathern. They’ve already done a truss rod tweak which has brought the action down, which is an illustration of how things have drifted under my inexpert hands. They’ve also spotted that the truss rod operates in the opposite direction to what they expected, which might be why my adjustments had led to it wandering off. They will get it all sorted, including the jobs that are definitely beyond my skills, I’ll learn a bit more and it should all be well worth it.

I’m looking forward to picking the bass up sometime in the next week or so and finding out how they’ve got on.

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