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England and Engines


Watching a recent episode of RobWords (video at the end of this post), I was reminded of something I mused on about 15 years ago – why do we call England ‘Ingland’? Rob asked the same question and said that he couldn’t think of any other example of ‘eng’ being pronounced ‘ing’. Since my 2009 post, I’ve moved another hundred miles up the country and reached the Midlands, where they don’t speak quite how I was used to and I have a theory.

You see, up here and certainly heading further north, I wouldn’t have a problem if a car mechanic told me there was something up with my ‘injin’. Different places, different accents, different sounds but the context would help me follow along. Could the so-called proper pronounciation of ‘England’ simply be a vestige of changing accents?

I’ve taken the step of posting a comment on the video so I’ll be interested to see if anybody else things this idea might bear some weight.

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