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DIY for a Friend


I did a little DIY job for a friend today. They have an arbour in their garden and the back had come off in recent winds. I think the problem was that it had two shortish screws holding it on one side and two even shorter screws on the other side so, as the arbour flexed, the shortest screws came out and then the other side worked off by pulling out of the wood.

Removing the screws was awkward because of how it fitted together – either a short handled screwdriver or one with a flexitube to the tip would have been easier. I had to resort to gripping the protruding ends with pliers and rotating them to get them started and move the screw head to where my impact driver could reach them.

Hopefully the repair, with four longer screws (angled through the wood for easier insertion and potential removal if it needs taking apart again) will do the job.

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