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Today’s main task is getting underway with setting up a new Windows laptop. The old MacBook is still running but long in the tooth. For the last couple of years my main machine has been the Windows box I use for video processing but I decided it was time to get another machine for when I want to work on tasks that involve less heavy lifting than that one does but where I want to be more mobile.

This time round, I decided to go for a professionally refurbished laptop. This one is in a Dell Latitude body but some the innards have been upgraded and everything has been extensively checked over. That has two advantages – better bang for the buck (so a lower price than I’d pay for an equivalent brand new machine) and saving components like the chassis from ending up in landfill for a bit longer. We’ll see how it does. Beating the value for money on the old MacBook will be hard (although I’ve done well with that and know of plenty of people who haven’t had such a good run on similar Apple devices) but I’m hoping it will be longer lasting than the previous D”ell laptop I had via a place I worked, which “aged” quite rapidly.

I got it via a company called Gadget Centre but I ought to hold off reviewing until I’ve had a bit more time with the machine. They have been a bit slow in getting it dispatched, even allowing for the fact the order went in on 5 January and they probably still had a bit of a Christmas backlog to catch up on. Let’s see how it works in practise though. I didn’t need the speed of delivery and I’ve got what, so far at least, seems to be the fully working clean start on Windows 11 Pro I was looking for.

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