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Earlier this week I got to demonstrate my knowledge of Latinate binomials for plants so, in the brew I started yesterday, I decided to pick the name Helleborus rather than something with Flowers in the title. The recipe is the one I’ve tried and tested several times from Graham Wheeler’s Brew Your Own British Real Ale (CAMRA Books 2009) and is based on Flowers IPA. Given that we’re into winter, it seemed appropriate to name it after the Lenten Rose (or the Helleborus family).

I went for the same method I’ve been using recently of 10l of water for the mash plus another 3l for sparging (rinsing the grains) and hit 1.040 as the original gravity compared to the target of 1.035 even though I only used a 30 minute mash and 40 minute boil. It is into the fermenter today with 5g of Crossmyloof ‘Four’ yeast, based on the reliable SO4 strain and I should be able to get it bottled by mid-December.

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