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Lost and Found (Android)


I had a bit of a panic this afternoon, having mislaid my phone. I’d had it at church but, by the time I was getting ready to head onto my next destination, I couldn’t find it despite looking round several times. When I got home, I went back with Jane and her phone and tried the tested technique of ringing my device. The trouble was that I’d had it on ‘vibrate’ mode for the service I’d been in and we couldn’t locate it.

Back home, I went online to search for what to do next. Fortunately, my Google-fu was strong and I landed straight away on Google’s Find My Device page: https://www.google.com/android/find/

That put the phone somewhere in the vicinity of the church – initially round about some bushes I’d walked past but then on the far side of the car park at the back where I definitely hadn’t been. However, I could also see that it was connected to the WiFi node based in the main church building. WiFi doesn’t give an exact location and I know for certain that you can’t even pick up that network even in the church hall.

It was back to church with my tablet to make the ringer sound, and it was there we found it, being looked after by the local Brownies group who are in tonight and had picked it up when it started sounding. I think it must have dropped out of my pocket when I was checking devices for tomorrow’s portable appliance testing visit and, in a dark red case on a dark red carpet in a dark corner, I hadn’t seen it before.

Phew! Hurrah for that location tool. Fortunately I ticked all the boxes for using it but it would be worth looking up if you have an Android phone and haven’t lost it… yet!

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