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When I’m Cleaning Windows


Having become a bit of a 21st century boy, I often go online when I need to accomplish household or other tasks. Jane washed our net curtains yesterday so today’s task was to wash the windows before they went back up. Here’s the video which set me on my way:

The tl;dw (too long, didn’t watch) version is to avoid the kind of spray shown in the video still above. Instead, this Canadian window cleaner recommends water with a bit of regular dish soap – not too much but enough to get the surfactant effect of the soap. Once the window is washed, the water is mainly removed with a squeegee, using a slight shake back and forward to get it started and moving it across a few degrees forward of 90° so the water runs down to the bottom. You can get more detail and demonstrations by watching the video.

It worked pretty well although the mop device I used to put the water on possibly made the window a bit wet (lots of splashing) and the small squeegee I used meant more passes. Good results though on the downstairs windows (Jane was impressed) and I’ll get to rinse and repeat for the upstairs ones tomorrow.

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