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Turning Tables


I had a different woodwork project in mind for today but Jane wanted me to get on and do something about our dining room table. We bought it probably about 12-13 years ago from a place near Oxford. It is constructed from solid oak. The wood is good but the construction is a bit basic. Normally we use it as a square but you can fold it open to a rectangle… as long as you don’t mind three exposed hinges at the fold.

It is a bit large for our dining room so I finally got round to pulling my circular saw and router out. Now it is a squarish rectangle, a little less wide. The original plan was to reduce all the edges but that would mean resetting the hinges and, if it comes to that, I’d rather work out a way of putting in a better mechanism.

Edges sawed off and rounded, it looks pretty good. The job isn’t flawless. There were a couple of holes in the side, linked to how it was constructed with dowels, and that also meant a couple of blips when the bearing on the router bit dropped into them, but it works pretty well overall. Hurrah for the tools and experience acquired over the last decade or so of woodworking projects which meant it only took half a morning to get a decent result rather than all day for a poor one!

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