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Café Live – August 2023


Since band rehearsals haven’t started up again yet, I was able to pop down to Café Live (7:30pm, fourth Sunday of the month at Sileby Methodist church). I decided to go lightweight and just took the ukulele down, with a few different ideas of what to play.

In the end, I rejected just rehashing the songs I did yesterday, not least because, by the time we got started, quite a few of the people who were at yesterday’s session at The Plough Inn had turned up. Instead, inspired by the fact Windows informed this morning that Saturn is opposition (is this something to do with it being slightly more visible than normal), I kicked off with Fly Me to the Moon and followed it up with Folsom Prison Blues.

If there had been time to do a third song, I might have gone with Free Falling and the audience might have twigged that I had been playing through the F section of the little collection of lyric and chord sheets I keep on my iPad! As it was, I passed it off as one song about space and then a second about a place with not much space.

I’ve also got one or two things to follow up from the session – watch this space for a re-write of Da Doo Ron Ron, into You Can Do One, Ron, a tale of love gone wrong!

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