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Jane and I were up very early yesterday to walk to nearby Dishley Pool for a dawn chorus walk led by the RSPB. Compared to later in the day, the weather was glorious and the brightening sky was wonderfully clear. However it was really about what you could hear so I was listening hard.

As expected, there was a lot of bird song. I’m not great at identifying a whole host of birds by their calls and songs but it is lovely to listen to. There were also human voices. The group was quite large and a lot of people wanted to talk to others to find out information about what they were hearing. I tended to stay a little distance from the main group and I noted how little distance human voices travel compared to the bird calls.

It was, however, apparent how far other human generated noises travel. It wasn’t until we got near the banks of the River Soar that car noises from the A6 and M1 receded enough to not be obvious and part of the masking was not from distance and trees but because of other noises from the industrial plants located in that area. To misquote Marvell, at my back I always hear the infernal motorway rumbling near!

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