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A Glowing Room


Earlier this week, I spotted a strip of LED lights in the reduced section at Lidl. As a result, my studio room now has the option of glowing in several colours, as well as lots of multi-colour and moving effects. I probably won’t use the latter much, if at all, but the lighting is pleasant.

In particular, it helps illuminate the plug socket behind where I store my double bass, tucked between the door and a storage unit (with a stop fitted to avoid the door hitting the instrument). It is always quite dark, even in daylight or with the other lights on, so I had been on the lookout for some kind of LED strip to brighten things up. It does mean that one of the sockets is permanently occupied but the other is now going to be much easier to use.

I didn’t necessarily need 5m or fancy colours and a remote control to do the job but, since it was available and on offer, I’m going to enjoy the opportunity.

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