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Lenten Mild Bottled


I don’t know quite how long my Lenten Mild brew took to ferment but I got the same gravity reading today as I did a couple of days ago (1.008) so it was time to bottle it. Normally I expect to get about 10-12 bottles but, today, I managed 16, so a 25% increase by by using that technique of using some of the water to sparge the mashed grains. I also came slightly over the target original gravity and slightly under the target final gravity so the ABV is about 3.4%: stronger than the recipe but still a nice, easy drinking beer.

The challenge of that increase is that I only just had enough similar bottles for it all. If I get some more grain, I think I could just about manage another similar brew, assuming I drink a couple more before then but I won’t be able to have three different beers available at once without more bottles (and finding more storage space). Perhaps that isn’t a bad thing though; it certainly improves the efficiency of the system.

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