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More on Chainsawing


I’ve now done a few sessions with the chainsaw I got a couple of weeks ago and I am now very content that it was a good purchase. It does take some time to set up and maintain and goes through the chainsaw oil at a faster rate than I had expected (no qualms at all about the fact the chain is kept very well oiled!). In return though, it dramatically speeds up my ability to process uneven logs into easy splittable sections.

It does mean that I’m soon going to have to build yet more storage shelves. I’ve processed approaching a cubic metre of wood since I got it and, if I finish everything I’ve got waiting, I don’t think I’ll have space to put it. That’s a better problem to have though than running out of firewood or, worse yet, having the raw materials but being so behind on processing it that it isn’t usable.

The two batteries I’ve got are also working out well so far. They don’t have a massive charge capacity but, if I burn through both of them and then split up all the sections, that’s a good working session. A larger battery would tempt me to go on longer and, wielding tools like chainsaws and axes, tiredness is not a sensible condition to invite.

Perhaps I should have bought one much sooner but, as it is, I’m pleased I have this tool going forward.

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