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Almost at the end of cider production (2022)


Before I forget, I should note that I got batch number #3 into bottles last week. It had reached 0.994 at 16.5°C which would mean (falling from 1.050 OG) it has an ABV rating of about 7.4%. That’s certainly strong enough to mean ‘handle with care’!

Meanwhile, we got a final batch set up as well. #4 was a mixture of apples and quince – Jane cooked them up so I’m not quite sure of the proportion of each but it isn’t pure quince, which my research suggested would brew but wouldn’t produce a very palatable drink. We squeezed this one through my beer brewing bag which gave much less sediment although I also needed to top up with a fair amount of water, for volume, and sugar, to give the yeast plenty to work on.

Starting gravity was about 1.048 and it has now been happily bubbling away for a week or so. Now, is there time to get another beer on ready for Christmas?

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