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Sight Reading Muscles


I know you don’t literally rely on muscle power for sight reading music. It is driven by the eyes and the brain, with the muscles only coming in to respond to the impulses they receive. However, my metaphorical ‘sight reading muscles’ are definitely getting stronger. Tonight, CSWO were working on the Christmas pad. I put a lot of time into it last year but this year my focus has been more on getting ready for Legally Blonde and I’ve missed a couple of wind orchestra rehearsals.

It turned out that, although I can’t pretend to have nailed every note, it felt quite easy. That was true both for pieces I remember doing last year and ones that I’ve never seen before. For example, we were asked to look at a medley of tunes from the musical Chicago on the tenuous link that it came out in December! New music and not simple music but not half as challenging as what I was hanging onto earlier in the afternoon so it felt within my grasp.

It won’t be until mid-November that I can really start to look at the Christmas pad (and returning to the regular rehearsals) but, with a year of regular sight reading under my belt, it feels a whole lot less daunting than what I recall experiencing in 2021.

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