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If I was dismissed from my job or from one of the previous ones I had held for incompetence, negligence and at least borderline illegality, I wouldn’t expect to be able to pick it up again two or three months later, even if my former employers had struggled to recruit into the vacancy. Indeed, I’d expect it would mark the whole sector off limits for a time and more so the more responsible a role I’d held. Beggaring my belief, it appears many tories, including my local MP, Jane Hunt, are angling for Mr Johnson’s return.

If you feel similarly, now might be a good time to write to your MP (probably by email as the tories have now decided this process can be done in a week rather than stretching out for months), here is the body of the message I have composed and fired off this afternoon:

I see that you are publicly pledging to support the return of Boris Johnson for the role of Prime Minister. Please don’t.

You may recall that it was only a few short months ago that Mr Johnson was removed from the post by your party because, after a long period of public outcry, they decided decisively that he wasn’t a suitable person for that role. After the decision was made, he seemed to further abdicate his responsibilities, only emerging from time to time for dressing up opportunities until his successor was appointed.

It strikes me that many in the Conservative Party must have been either inept or unkind to usher Ms Truss into the role, in which she has spectacularly failed. That Mr Johnson could even be considered leaves me flabbergasted. It was his approach to leadership that has led your party into such disarray and he squandered the opportunity the pandemic offered for him to step forward as a Churchillian hero. Proverbs 26:11 comes to mind: “As a dog returns to its vomit, so fools repeat their folly.”

If you and other Conservatives want to recall the man who was, in effect, sacked from his position by yourselves, you should at very least be brave enough to have the courage of your convictions in a democratic nation and call for an immediate General Election.

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