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It is due to get quite wet this afternoon as well as continuing to be windy so I don’t think I’ll attempt to start constructing the fruit cage up at the allotment. This is the one that will actually be used as a veg growing area. However, I have confirmed that I’ve got all the requisite parts, even down to the complementary tea bag (now a used tea bag).

One thing lacking was a list of how many poles of each type I would need. The construction system is modular and it varies depending on how many bays are involved. Mine is just 2 x 2 bays, the smallest size First Tunnels offer. You can visualise it as a four near-cubes, slightly higher than their width and depth but the various intersections and the inclusion of a doorway means you can’t work it out for one cube and simply multiply up the numbers.

With a gung-ho approach, I probably could have knocked it up this morning. However, having taken the painstaking approach, I’ve got a much better idea of what I’m meant to be doing and I know that I’ve got every last pole, screw and netting tie I need (indeed, a healthy surplus of the last, although they are also the component that is going to be most prone to weathering and dropping off). Anyway, I’m now ready to build.

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