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Another Wood Store


Our firewood processing operation has been a bit backlogged due to lack of storage space. Newly sawn logs have ended on top of previously split ones and thinner sticks have been pushed in the gaps. Today we had a bit of a blitz, with Jane sorting through a lot of the sticks and kindling while I constructed another log store and moved up more of the stuff which is ready for the coming season.

Wood Stores
New store on the left

Like the previous ones I have built, this one was constructed from old pallet wood. If you look at the bottom corners at the front, you can see part of the uprights cut away. That’s because I had over ambitious ideas about joinery until I decided that working round some sawn off nails was taking too long and, given the various twists and turns of the pieces, it wasn’t worth spending ages on being fancy because they wouldn’t necessarily fit together neatly. For an inside project, it might have been worth carefully fitting the pieces together but, for something that sits outside the back door, it just needs to be sturdy enough to bear its load.

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