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New Achievements Unlocked


I had a good tuba practise session this morning and unlocked a couple of new achievements. Firstly, I’ve been working on trying to extend the range of notes I can reliably reach. I’ve now got from the C below the bass clef to the B♭ which sits on top of it, or just under a two octave span. There is a lot more work to be done on hitting the notes every time and on producing them with good tone and articulation but covers most or perhaps even all of the pieces in the Training Band repertoire.

That led me onto my second achievement — playing my first piece of music from the Training Band pad. It was a simple one, only spanning five notes from the D below the stave to the A which sits in the first rung and I’m not sure I’m even quite up to the standard to play it with the band yet but it felt like progress.

If I can make a reasonable fist of everything in the repertoire by September, I can start taking the tuba along instead of electric bass and that will be a way to cement everything up to that point by playing in ensemble.

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