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Was it Loud Enough?


Double Bass at Knighton Park
Double bass

This is my double bass, set up and ready to go for the Charnwood Symphonic Wind Orchestra gig at Knighton Park on the south side of Leicester this afternoon. The question, which I posed last week, was whether it would be loud enough in an outdoor setting (where lack of power means I couldn’t bring a regular amp).

The result seems to be, broadly speaking, yes. From my perspective, I could hear it well enough to play without busting my fingers. From the conductor’s position, on the opposite side of the band (bassist at the back, next to the drums, natch), there was also a thumbs up. It wasn’t entirely distinct but it was audible enough to add to the low end presence. Bass often fills the role of being an instrument you notice when it drops out and, while that isn’t the be all and end all of bass playing, it seems appropriate for an ensemble where the main focus is on the instruments you blow down.

It also means that the occasional mistake and some tuning discrepancies that crept in by the end of the hour-long gig weren’t too apparent, so I can work with that. We’re at Thorpe Acre church this Friday evening for a Jubilee gig (powered, so back to electric bass) and at Queens Park in Loughborough mid-afternoon next Sunday (unpowered but I’m due to borrow a battery powered amp to see how that compares).

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