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Not Looking Back


We passed through Oxford today on the way to visit some friends. It was a great city to have lived in, particularly with the privilege of access to libraries and other resources that came with working for the University, but I don’t wish we were still there although I’d love to have some of the people and opportunities closer. Even after only about two and half years away, it was clear the city was moving on without us.

It made me reflect back on our time in London too. I think I can safely say that our patch of Lewisham was less pretty than central Oxford. It also has good people there and lots of fascinating things that we don’t have on our doorstep anymore but I don’t hanker for returning there either. Nor to any of the other places I’ve lived either.

I wouldn’t actively run from a chance to live in York again, should an opportunity come up at the right time, but I’m in no rush to move and I know that it would be a very different city from the one I inhabited in my spotty student days. There’s no point looking back. Nostalgia can be stirred but the old places can never truly be revisited. Instead, I’m resolved to keep pressing forward into each new day that God gives me.

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