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I had quite a busy day yesterday so didn’t get round to posting about my latest project:

Allotment from Path
The new allotment

Having originally applied towards the end of 2019, just after taking up a rental house and thus having a local address, I finally got contacted last week to tell me that there was a plot available on the Alan Moss Road site. No, not the ones on either side, which have plenty of infrastructure but the near-half of this weedy patch, up to the level of the second pole on the right (part way down the neighbour’s polytunnel). I went to have a look on Monday afternoon and decided to take it on.

The blank canvas is decorated with quite a collection of weeds, which I will need to start clearing soon to avoid seeds spreading to neighbouring plots. Probably the very first job will be creating a compost bin or two from old pallets, once I’ve figured out which end to put them. I’m going to too need a lot of compost for this area so the earlier I start making my own, the better.

The other challenge is that I need things to go in the ground once cleared. Up until now, I’ve had to be careful not to get too many plants started as I don’t have room for them all; now I need to switch things around and grow, grow, grow! And, one highlight of this plot, is that I’ve got a water pipe at the front corner of the plot so watering will be a relatively easy task.

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