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Drama for Easter


The middle of my day will be taken up with the Good Friday vigil at church, which is now all prepared. Something Jane and I did this morning though was to rewatch the ‘TAK for Easter‘ series that I prepared last year.

These are ten short videos (about two minutes each) that explore the events of the Easter weekend from the points of view of various characters involved – major ones, like Peter (who gets two episodes) but also minor and imagined ones (a serving girl in the temple courts or someone who saw the disciples fleeing).

It’s very poignant watching these again. The stories are moving themselves and I remember the emotional investment of writing the scripts. I am also very proud of each of my actors. For each one, I can also reflect on the various joys and trials they have been through in the past year. Real people, telling the most real story.

Note that these were originally released every three hours (yes, including through the middle of the night) from Maundy Thursday until Good Friday afternoon. There was also an earlier introduction and there is a bonus video that came out at 6am on Easter Day. Now, though, you can choose whether to space them out or to spend twenty minutes and ‘binge watch’ the set.

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