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The Growing Song


What do you do when you need a song on a particular topic for a particular audience and you can’t find one in the time available? My solution, when I needed a song for the toddlers group at church on the theme of growing was to quickly write one and you can find the result, The Growing Song, online. Sorry – that’s sheet music, not a recording; I haven’t had time to do that yet!

I didn’t have the chords quite right this morning so just powered through, majoring on the singing and drawing attention away from the ukulele accompaniment. After I’d done the session, I grabbed a few minutes to quickly record myself on the voice memo app on my iPad and, this evening, I’ve figured out not just the chords but also the dots for what I ended up singing.

The first two verses (carrot and rose) are the ones I came up with in the short time I had available before the meeting began. The latter two are ones that I quickly improvised based on suggestions from the toddlers and their parents and carers. In some ways, that’s the whole point of a song like this. It encourages the audience to think creatively about the subject of growing (this followed the parable of the sower, Matthew 13:1-9, and was followed by a seed planting activity). It also acts as a memory stimulant, particularly when it came to running through our verses in reverse order and with accelerating speed.

I’ll probably get a recording of this done at some point although, since I’m halfway through reorganising my studio room, it might take a little while.

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