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Keys debut survived


I went ahead with my debut live performance on keys at church this morning. I have to say that it’s quite nice just rocking up without lugging a load of gear, sitting down for the whole service and then only having to turn off the keyboard and put the cover back on to be done at the end!

On the playing side, I didn’t need to do anything too ambitious. I was mainly set up with various pad sounds and a touch of ‘gospel organ’ for Amazing Grace. I stuck mainly to single notes and simple pairs, like root and third or root and fifth, with just one or two more complex chords and runs. I even managed a bit of two handed playing (alright, two handed, 3-4 fingers in total) and some singing and I think I’ll look for an opportunity to do it again and continue to refine my practical skills.

Of course, it probably helps that I’m the boss of the music team but I think we’d also welcome someone else with the same low level of skill, although my other musical experience helped me to know when I was contributing and when to lay back. It would be even better if it persuaded some of the other people in the congregation with keyboard skills to put themselves forward or encouraged someone new. We’ll see.

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