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Ratchet Straps


Hurrah for ratchet straps! These are the devices that take a webbing band you’ve wrapped round something and let you crank it tight enough to secure it. Once done, the band can be quickly loosened and moved.

I picked up a pair of these from Screwfix a couple of weeks ago and they succeeded admirably in their first task – securing thick branches to my workbench to help as I sawed them up in my shed. Previously I’d been trying to use a variety of clamps but the uneven shapes of the branches made this a bit hit or miss. The straps did the job very well. The only downside was that 5m of webbing is far more than I need; do I keep that in case I want to do something needing the length in future or trim them down to make regular handling easier?

That is still under consideration. Meanwhile, I found another use today. I’m making some more french cleats and had some fresh timber that I needed to cut a 45° angle into lengthways. After considering various ways of clamping, I remembered the straps and they did a very satisfactory job albeit with a few stops required to . Otherwise, I’d need to find a large sacrificial surface (one that will get cut up over time as it keeps a distance between the blade and the ground) or invest in a table saw.

Potentially I could put the circular saw upside down and mess around with cable ties to jam it on and a separate on / off switch but I’m rather attached to my fingers the way they are at the moment!

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