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Virtual Rehearsal


My worship team often has a Wednesday evening rehearsal in preparation for the following Sunday morning, involving the particular group of vocalists and other musicians scheduled for that service. It was proving hard to get everyone together last week and so the idea of a “virtual rehearsal” popped into my head. What is a virtual rehearsal? If you want, you can watch my first attempt to offer one:

Virtual Rehearsal

In the end, I was able to get together with the bassist and trumpet player (and sound engineer) and do a short in-person rehearsal but otherwise we relied on a short run through a few things before we started our pre-service worship this morning. I think we sounded relatively well-prepared as it all came together, partly down to the skills of the whole team but perhaps helped just a little by this rehearsal concept.

The downside is that it is another thing that takes time to film and edit. Fortunately, the set up I use for Zoom calls gives me a good starting point. I used OBS for this one and made sure to adjust the mic level to avoid clipping the signal, so there was no need to do much work on the sound afterwards. I probably could have done with writing myself a short map before starting filming, noting what I wanted to cover. As it was, it took a little over twenty minutes just to film, and then there was editing, rendering and uploading. With a little time on a script, I could probably have shaved at least five minutes off that with the subsequent knock on savings at each stage, and possibly more.

A worthwhile experiment although perhaps one we won’t repeat too frequently. Maybe I should build up a library of video notes on each song as individual pieces? Approaches to songs do vary over time but it might allow quicker assembly of a rehearsal set, add some consistency and also be interesting to look back on. I wonder if any of my other church music friends have tried anything similar?

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