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Glory Descends - Painting in Progress
Glory Descends – work in progress

About four months ago, I posted the image above and discussed how I intended to do some digital overpainting to decide if I was going to make any more changes. Well, that didn’t happen. Instead, I bought some new paint, used some of it and then put the picture on the mantle piece to live with for a bit. The paints got put away and the waiting period ended up being longer than intended.

I haven’t taken a new photo yet but, today, I got the brushes out and I think I’ve improved it. I’ll need to make up my mind soon though. The incentive for pressing on was not so much a bolt of inspiration as the awareness that my temporary Christmas display is coming down soon and the worship board in the church hall is going to look rather bare. In the end, all I’ve really done is what came to mind within a day or two of taking it off the easel in the first place and it’s at the stage where I’m more responding to what is suggested by the successive additions of paint rather than driving for a completely fresh vision.

Of course, once I’ve hung it, it won’t stay up forever so I can risk further working in future.

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