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Snow fun


You can tell that I’m genuinely blogging from England. Two days of ‘snow’ that many parts of the world would barely acknowledge as a frosting and I’m blogging on the topic for the second day in a row, like a self-appointed blizzard expert.

Yesterday’s snow settled but it was wet and didn’t stick around long, disappearing entirely in an hour or so. This afternoon we had more snow but this was a much drier snow, settling to an inch or two still crisp and even on the ground outside. In English terms, that’s enough for widespread disruption.

Firstly, lunch with friends finished early as they needed to do a reasonably long drive to pick someone up and didn’t want to delay the start. Then the band rehearsal ended up being cancelled. Some members travel from a fair distance and others were concerned about the snow and wet ground freezing up before the rehearsal was over, so I’ve finished off resetting a couple more bits of music and doing some practise at home.

That meant I was, in theory, free to attend the special compline service planned at church tonight. Rather than de-ice the car and chance the roads, I decided to walk but I didn’t get far before it became apparent that concerns about ice were not unfounded and I made the decision not to press on but send my apologies instead. A reflective end to the evening would be lovely but not the possibility of slipping over either heading there or back.

So, it’s no fun for me tonight – I’m already looking forward to the thaw.

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