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I had planned to pop down to the Loughborough Acoustic Club tonight but, by the time I’d finished dinner and without a clear set of songs in mind, I decided to stay in and work on some new (for me) material instead. One of my projects at the moment is to create and learn some arrangements of traditional folk songs that I can lead from my double bass. Initially, I’d found a copy of folk song collector Cecil Sharp’s books but that turned out to be somewhat disappointing as a source – tunes I’d often not heard of but presented in such a way that put me more in mind of Edwardian respectability than earthy folk traditions.

That led me to plan B – revisiting some of the tunes I used to play with Pete and Jill in Peter and the Wulf. Good folk tunes, that I’d picked up aurally and responded to by creating original basslines on the electric upright I was playing with them at the time. That felt a more authentic approach and I’ve been mulling Ye Mariners All (also known as A Jug of This) as an entry point.

Back to tonight, I’m listening round to some other versions of this popular tune. I don’t think I’ll attempt anything quite like this version by The Teacups (four part acapella for one thing… and very competent four part acapella for another!) but it is definitely worth a listen:

Ye Mariners All

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