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Having posted last week about my clever ideas for experimenting with my next steps for Glory Descends, I’ve ended up not going that way at all but jumping straight to paint and brushes. I had a strong notion that I needed to dull down the bright colour at the bottom of the image and, having picked up some more paint on Friday, I decided to be bold.

The paint is from the Sennelier Abstract range, which Hobbycraft presently has on sale at half price. Even at £4, I thought this was good value for what I’ve found to be good quality paint in a novel and practical pouch format. I would have snagged up more but I’m still quite well stocked from a couple of years ago. However, I thought a neutral grey would be a good utility pigment and I couldn’t resist the allure of ‘Iridescent Pearl’.

I think the extra paint I added to my work did the job and now I’m continuing to observe and see if anything else speaks to me. One thing I’ve noticed is some hints at ghostly or angelic figures in the background so I might want to bring those out a bit or leave them as a subtle gift for the observant. Listening first though and then, if necessary, an answer or two with a little more paint.

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