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Back Garden – May 2021


Looking Down on the Back Garden - May 2021
Looking Down on the Back Garden – May 2021

It was probably a little unfair to take last month’s photo when we had just had snow but, this month, you can see how things look on a more typical late spring day. The polytunnel is looking more naturalised, with a selection of plants in pots down the side (and more that you can’t see down the other side, mainly spent bulb pots). You can also see the frames we have put up inside. I did a little more work on those today, although I still need to get the wood running from front to back properly fixed in place.

You might also notice that the water butt can’t be seen by the side of the shed. It is now moved a bit further along that wall and linked up to one of our new 350l butts. You can see the other one in the canal-side section of the garden. I need to run a hose down to that but we can bear a few more days of heavy rain before it becomes urgent, especially as the tomatoes and other plants in the polytunnel start to demand more frequent watering.

I’m looking forward to seeing how the garden continues to develop but I’ll try to make the most of it each month rather than wishing my time away.

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