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What a Joy!


What a joy to lead some live worship last night. I am so much looking forward to this becoming a more regular thing again. I also enjoyed having the liberty to take a fairly spontaneous path through a large collection of potential songs; I prefer this to having a more tightly scripted set with every verse and chorus mapped out in advance so (worship team be warned) I will probably nudge more in this direction in future.

A particularly special moment for me was when I used one song that I first used in the church, standing on almost the same spot, when I came up for my interview in September 2019. That was a good but carefully scripted session of worship music, leading a room of strangers. This time round, I was confident in the freedom to go with the flow and it was a room of friends – even though there was a certain degree of crossover in the people involved.

This is my home — and my Beth-El (house / place of God) — for now. It has been a crazy year but, for myself, I’ve made a firm landing.

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