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I thought the diagonal fence on my workbench router top was a cunning idea. I was even getting excited about how I could use wide marks at the edge to make (scaled down) very precise cuts at the router blade. Unfortunately, I neglected to observe how the same principle would cause longer cuts to skew off true. If other people aren’t doing it, it’s either an innovation or a mistake and I think the latter was the case here.

I caught it before any serious mis-cutting occurred. I think it was okay when the fence ran over the centre of the cutter but it became problematic when I tried to cut a slot part way across a piece of wood. I resorted to using clamps and holding the fence straight across from one side to the other and that got me the desired result. Later this week, I might post some pictures of my assembled herb planter which, in the end, fitted together quite precisely.

I need to build another one but I think the next step might be adjusting my fence so it can be constrained to running parallel to the edges. I think that should be fairly easy… although I’ve had similar thoughts before!

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