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This afternoon, I ran a three hour Good Friday vigil on Zoom, which I suppose classes as invigilation!

Earlier this week, I decided that I’d use Samuel Crossman’s My Song Is Love Unknown as the main structure, but starting with the Tak at Easter 2021 episode that went live at noon and watching the 3pm one as a bonus at the end. This morning, I created a Powerpoint presentation with the song verse for each half-hour section and also a Bible reference or two and a very short thought.

Finally, it was time to run the vigil. I used part of my time during each half hour to write down some reflections, which I shared before moving to the next slide and a short, extemporised introduction. It worked although, if we do it next year, it will probably be live at the church – the online idea worked okay but I think it would probably bring a better focus in a shared location.

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