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I’m feeling a little frustrated with YouTube at the moment. Having carefully lined up all my ‘Tak for Easter 2021‘ videos to go live every three hours from 6pm tonight, it has treated the times as GMT rather than BST and the first edition went out an hour early. That’s not the end of the world but is irksome, particularly as I spotted earlier that it had changed the time and deliberately reset it. Hopefully it has now caught up with the programme.

I had similar issues setting up the first service after the previous clock change last autumn; last spring, we had barely entered lockdown and I was too caught up with attempts to do live streaming to notice. At least Tweetdeck, which has a set of scheduled tweets lined up advertising each episode with a short teaser, seems to be working as expected.

Anyway, episode one is now live and you can enjoy it at your leisure. Colin has done an excellent job portraying Peter and you get to see him again (in a somewhat less happy mood) at 6am tomorrow morning:

Tak for Easter – Episode 2

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