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I didn’t even see their faces…


When I went down to Southfield Road in Loughborough today for my COVID-19 vaccine, the place was like a bee hive, humming with activity. Outside was a short queue but it moved swiftly, as one marshal distributed squirts of hand sanitiser and another ran through his welcoming spiel again and again. Hurrah to them for remaining so bright, despite constant repetition. Inside, I had a brief sit in one waiting area before being ushered down to another, just outside the vaccination stations. Eventually it was my turn – quick and easy – and then I was free to head out and walk home.

Hurrah to all those keeping the wheels turning in Loughborough and, indeed, those making the engines of vaccination work up and down the land. The ones I met were unfailingly helpful and positive. It is just a shame that all our smiles were behind masks.

I’ve had mine…

For the record, I had the AstraZeneca jab and, so far, only minor side effects — a bit washed out, so I spent the afternoon on the sofa listening to Radio 4 and nodding off from time to time. At time of writing, I feel back to life and quite full of energy although I’ll wait another day or so before concluding that I’m completely out of the woods.

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